In light of the unprecedented shift to a “working-from-home-economy” due to the pandemic, employees need to be extremely careful with work-related information that can accidentally be shared with their household. Confidential or even material non-public information can involuntarily be shared

In Sharp v. Autorité des marchés financiers, 2023 SCC 29, the Supreme Court of Canada recognized the transnational nature of modern securities regulation in holding there was a “real and substantial connection” between alleged perpetrators of a “pump-and-dump”

Ontario’s Divisional Court has upheld a decision of the new Capital Markets Tribunal, finding an over-the-counter financial instrument to meet the definition of “investment contract” pursuant to the Securities Act.


The appellants conducted business trading in Contracts for Difference


In accordance with the Québec Securities Act[1], any person wishing to distribute securities must prepare a prospectus[2]. However, Regulation 45-106[3] offers several exemptions from prospectus requirements. In addition to these exemptions, the Autorité des